Land for the Piney Grove Methodist Episcopal Church (Presently Winslette Chapel United Methodist Church) was obtained December 10, 1902.  At that time this land was a part of Dale County, but later the area became a part of Houston County.   Winslette Chapel building originally faced what is now known as Winslette Road.  It was later turned to face County Road 9, where it now is located.
The Piney Grove Free Will Baptist Church was located on land in this same location, facing County Road 9.  The Methodist Church and the Free Will Baptist Church each had preaching services once a month but on different Sundays, so that people could attend both churches.  Singings were also held  at Winslette Chapel, which all the community seemed to enjoy.  We’ve revived this tradition with our quarterly sings.
When the Free Will Baptist Church ceased to be an active church, some of the members joined Winslette Chapel and the land where the church stood was given to Winslette Chapel.
On May 5, 1954, Mount Olive Methodist Church on U.S. Highway 84 near Snell Service Co. was dissolved as a church.  Some of the members transferred to Winslette Chapel, others went to other churches.
In 1957, the Mount Olive Church was given to Winslette Chapel Methodist Church by the Methodist conference. It was torn down and the lumber, under the leadership of Pastor David Jones, was used to build the Sunday School rooms, fellowship hall,kitchen, and bathrooms in the back of the church.  The Methodist Conference sold the land where Mt. Olive stood.  The money was given to Winslette Chapel.  The money was used for building onto the church, and along with other donations, brick was put on the building
New pews were purchased in December of 1957.  These pews were refinished in April of 2012.
Throughout the years, carpet has been installed and replaced.  Central heating and cooling added, painting and other upkeep has Winslette Chapel UMC as it is today